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Image by Надя Кисільова

MONDAYS 7:30pm-8:20pm on Zoom

From my home to yours, this class is perfect for those who are totally new to yoga, those who have taken a break and want a reintroduction to the basics, or those who simply want to strip back and simplify their yoga practice.

We concentrate on the fundemental poses of yoga, practicing proper alignment and taking it slow. I'll talk about the origins of yoga and introduce you to different breath practices too. 

This class will be available to book on a drop-in basis for £5, or via a block booking of 5 classes for £22, depending on what suits you.

FREE taster session taking place on Monday 1st August 7:30pm!

Email to book.


Book a single class for £5 or a block of 5 classes for £22 (5 consecutive weeks).

FREE taster session taking place on Monday 1st August, email to book.

Booking links below are for classes starting from Monday 8th August.

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