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Baby news!

Hello students,

I have a bit of news... I'm expecting a baby!

How will this impact classes?

In a nutshell - not much! I'll be physically and verbally guiding the class as normal, however there's a few poses I won't be able to demonstrate. It's important to me to keep the flow of the class smooth, so I may ask my husband Danny to join me up front so that you have a continuous visual point of reference.

How long will classes continue?

I plan on teaching for as long as possible, hopefully into July.

What happens after that?

I'll be looking for maternity cover so that classes can continue as normal! Rest assured, I'll leave you in good hands, and will make sure that the cover is of a similar style to mine.

Will you come back?

Of course! It's impossible to say how long I'll be off, but I will be back teaching my two weekly classes as soon as I physically feel able to, because I love it! So I won't be gone for long.

Any questions just let me know. Otherwise, me and the bump will see you in class!

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