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New booking system clarification

Hello yogis and yoginis!

There's been a bit of confusion with the new booking system so I thought I would answer all the questions I can think of here, in a place you can revisit if needed.

Do I need a 'class pass' to book classes?

No, you can buy individual classes for £10 each by emailing, but it's more cost effective and easier to manage your own bookings if you do use a class pass.

Do I have to book 5 classes in one go if I use a class pass?

Nope! It's just as easy to book single classes using a class pass by selecting just one class date at a time on the booking system. Remaining credits are saved on your account and automatically applied at checkout each time you book.

How do I check how many credits I have left on my class pass?

Log in to your account dashboard here.

If I can only book 5 classes at a time, what is the 10 class pass for?

Only 5 weeks are added to the booking system at a time, but your remaining 5 credits will be saved on your account and available to use for the next 5 week block.

Do class passes expire?

Yes, they're valid for 3 months from purchase.

I can't remember what classes I have booked, how can I check?

Log in to your account dashboard here.

I need to cancel a class, how do I do that and can I get a refund?

You can cancel a class up to 6 hours before the class start time and have your credit added back to your account. Cancel a class by logging in to your account dashboard here.

I want to book a block of 5 classes but there are less than that showing on the booking system, why?

A fresh set of 5 classes are added to the booking system every 5 weeks. This is to ensure that people who want to book a block of 5 classes have more chance of getting a space when the classes are freshly added, which is better for business! In the meantime, you can still join us by booking individual classes!

How will I know when the next set of classes has opened for booking?

It says when the next dates will be added on the booking page. I will also email existing students to notify you once they go live!

I keep losing the links I need to book etc, where can I find them?

Bookmark this page or write down

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